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Google reaches the stars

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Google has already secured its flag on Earth,Moon and Mars.This time the internet search giant is planning to get the Google flag spread over the Universe.The internet search company has struck a partnership with some scientists to build a
huge sky-scanning telescope, to help all the internet surfers to access digital footage of asteroids, supernovas and distant galaxies.

"“Frankly, I could see the day when they would be our sort of window to the general public",said Donald Sweeney, manager of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope( LSST), on Friday.

The 8.4-metre LSST is expected to survey the sky from 2013 . Its goal is to continuously scan space, taking a series of 15-second exposures that allow it to cover the sky every three nights.It is also said that the telescope will open “a movie-like window” on nearby asteroids and far-off exploding stars, and might try to help unveil the mysterious “dark energy” which is believed to fuel the universe'’s expansion.

Yet the budget has to be decided but I think is budget wouldn't be a problem for Google.Google spokesman Jon Murchinson said, "“I don'’t think we entered into this partnership with an eye on how we’d monetise our participation."



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