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MOneyBILE for Google!

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Google Inc. internet's best search engine and best search engine marketing website will soon serve mobile networks and provide Advertising options on Mobiles.

A partnership between wireless companies and Google should be a no-brainer. Its very simple and easy to understand.The wireless industry receives useful applications and Google's industry-dominant search on their phones, customers benefit from those applications, and Google makes some money on advertising.Sounds very simple and easy but will cost Google a lot of money.

No specific details spread out yet but Google surely will tell their customers about this project sooner or later.

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10.545% CTR on PayPerPosts!!!

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According to recent survey made by PayPerPost, 10.545% is the average CTR on the sponsored posts.It was really amazing to see such low CTR on sponsored posts.

After accumulation of around 40k bloggers and 8k advertisers, people click on sponsored posts, on average they click through at a higher rate than any other media.Being a sponsored post people don't tend to click on the post.The average ctr post shows clearly the amount of Bloggers compared to the amount of Advertisers it was quite evident that such low CTR is really shocking.

It has been just few months writing sponsored posts and I am sure it hasn't and it doesn't change the value of the blog.Those who think Sponsored Posts are something only for money or thing it senseless to blog for money,then please change your point of view for the same.

I run Contextual ads on my blogs and watching just 10.454% on Posts which is Sponsored is quite amazing to watch.Now as the research is done and the verdict is out, the average CTR is 10.545%.

But still it completely depends upon the Blog Stats and the Blogger if compared.With that said, I don’t think you’d be hearing me complaining about sponsored posts in a while. So here's to PayPerPost and the 10.545% CTR!!


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Fichey.. Yes it Really is !!!

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Now this is what i call use of all the resources and a beautiful flash based website for dummies who are new to internet.

A new website Fichey is a flash-based website that offers up screen shots of what websites were hot on social sharing sites like Digg,Stumble Upon ,Reddit blah blah.(now here are the resources he used, you get it!!)
Surf through the sites like a newbie, using forward and back buttons and scroll of your mouse. A click would take you to the relevant website. Its a new approach to serving up content that's been popularized by social bookmarking services.

Now you are thinking how does Fichey do that? Simple. It takes a snapshot of each page and serves it to viewers in a simple, well-designed Flash viewer quite good.The service even takes out the hyperlinks, so all you can do is scroll and read .

If you want to visit an article, it's as easy as a double-click on the story and sure enough it has great way of earning too.

Do try Fichey , if you really adore and respect Web2.0.I mean it, Web 2.0 is going to really big make sure you are a part of it from its beginning.

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Google Search Made Easy.

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Google has done a terrific job in search industry by introducing their search engine years ago.

Today, It is no doubt the most powerful search engine.

We can simply search Google by writing the words we want to know about and that's it. We eventually find something useful and we smile back at that very dumb screen with utter satisfaction and a feeling of Great we got what we needed.

Have you ever noticed the how much amount of our precious time you waste by doing this?

We need to be a little more sophisticated while search through Google.One great soltuion is using operators to get quality result not quantity results.

Google Operators:

Operators are used to enhance results and to maximize the search value. These are our tools as well as deadly hackers’ weapons which they use they know for what other purposes.

Basic Operators:

+, -, ~ , ., *, “”, |, OR

Advanced Operators:

allintext:, allintitle:, allinurl:, bphonebook:, cache:, define:, filetype:, info:, intext:, intitle:, inurl:, link:, phonebook:, related:, rphonebook:, site:, numrange:, daterange

Use of Basic Operators
Google ignores common words (where, how, digit, single letters) by default.
(+) force inclusion of something common

(-) exclude a search term

(“) use quotes around a search term to search exact phrases:

(~) search synonym:

( . ) a single-character

( * ) any word wildcard

Advanced Operators:

Site: Domain_name
Find Web pages related only on the specified domain. If we search a specific site, usually we get the Web structure of the domain

Filetype: extension_type
Find documents with specified extensions

The supported extensions are:

Note: We actually can search asp, php and cgi, pl files as long as it is text-compatible.

Intitle: search_keyword
Find search term within the title of a Webpage
Allintitle: search_keyword1search_keyword2search_keyword3
Find multiple search terms in the Web pages with the title that includes all these words

Inurl: search_keyword
Find searchkeyword in a Web address
Allinurl: search_keyword1 search_keyword2 search_keyword3
Find multiple search terms in a Web address

Intext: search_keyword
Find search term in the text body of a document.
Allintext: search_keyword1 search_keyword2 search_keyword3
Find multiple search terms in the text body of a document.

Cache: URL
Find the old version of Website in Google caches.
Even if the site has already been updated, the finding old information can also be done.

Search a number term between a specified range. Be sure to specify a unit of measure or some other indicator of what the number range represents or else it will all get messed up.

Daterange: -
Find the Web pages between start date and end date
Note: start_date and end date use the Julian date too.
The Julian date is calculated by the number of days since January 1, 4713 BC.
For example, the Julian date for August 1, 2001 is 2452122

Link: URL
Find the Web pages having a link to the specified URL

Related: URL
Find the Web pages that are “similar” to the specified Web page

info: URL
Present some information that Google has about that Web page

Provide a definition of the words gathered from various online sources

Stocks:Stock name

Phonebook Search the entire Google phonebook
rphonebook Search residential listings only
Search business listings only

Hope you enjoy your search henceforth these mean very useful while surfing and getting information very fast.

Also a site can be hacked with the intellectual use of these operators. But I suggest you to go in deep only for MERE CUROSITY and know more Ethical Methods of using these operators.

Thanks for Google for such a vast resource of operators provided for efficient search.

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Facebook first ever acquisition!

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Facebook Inc. ,Internet's second most visited website proved that it has enough money to buy and stand still in this wired world.

Facebook Inc. bought bought Parakey, a startup run by two of the engineers that helped build Firefox's popular Web browser the second most famous browser after Microsoft's very own Internet Explorer.

It represents the first acquisition in Facebook's three-year history. Financial terms weren't disclosed.

Parakey consists of just two people, Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt, who are best known for their contributions to the open-source initiative that created Firefox.

Ross and Hewitt will both go to work for Palo Alto-based Facebook, which is trying to turn its site into a melting pot of software applications and features contributed by software developers eager to reach its network of 31 million users.

''We are thrilled to join the most innovative technology company in the industry,'' Ross said.

Parakey had been trying to bridge the gap between information hosted on the Web and data stored on computer hard drives.

Privately held Facebook ranks among the Web's fastest growing sites. News Corp.'s MySpace is the only social networking site that is larger in the Internet market.

The Parakey acquisition is the latest indication that Facebook's 23-year-old chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg.

Yahoo Inc. offered to buy Facebook for about $1 billion last year, but Mark Zuckerberg refused the offer and washed off the very hyped trade of the year.



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Discount Coupons Just For You.

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Ever thought of buying computer peripherals online from Dell and getting great amounts of discounts just by using Coupons Codes on provided by Dell on this site.

Just thinking how great is it to get some discounts on your every buy made online?
Yes! coupons are available from a wide variety of online shopping sites.The best part of this website is the way they sort the coupons making it user friendly as well as easily accessible to us.You can get coupon codes from different online merchants like Amazon, HP Store, NBC Store. and the list goes on an on as you search the exhaustive list sorted by store and category.

Ecoupons has a very very big list of Coupon codes for making your shopping cheap.It is updated daily and this makes it more and more preferable compared to other similar websites.

You can find products of cosmetic brands, books, babies’ products, computers, apparels, pets, automobiles, restaurants, cds, electric appliances, electronic devices and many more. And the list of companies also varies.

As money is very precious be a wise shopper and just take few minutes out of your busy shopping time and spend some minutes on Ecoupons.So happy shopping blessed with great discounts.


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