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Google getting in The Gaming Industry!!

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Google Inc. recently acquired Adscape, a small startup that delivers dynamic ads for video games, the deal was done for $23 million.Now it seems Google is trying to spread its arms into the multi billionaire gaming industry.

Now heres a background check of Adscape.It is a San Francisco-based startup company officially launched in early 2006 with $3.2 million in funding from Atlanta’s HIG Ventures.

For Google, the real challenge will be to find partners willing to bring Adscape to their online games because adscape never announced any game publishers as customers.But getting advertisers for Google doesn't seem to be a very big issue as,Google can anytime integrate this with its very own successful Adwords.Maybe while I am typing Google might have already thought about more great and striking plans for the immediate full fledged use of Adscape.

For more after this deal read here.

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Sony's Digital Camera Best in the lot.

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If you are looking for a great mid level Digital Camera and are quite choosy at buying these great stuffs, then your choice has to be this.The Sony's Alpha DSLR-A100 Digital Cameras.Now your are thinking "Hey I had seen this?Ain't I?"But let me guarantee you you haven't yet read any better review than this so go on read it.

Firstly talking about its great specifications:
Camera Resolution:10.2 megapixel
Image Resoultion : 1920 x 1280
LCD Screen Resolution : 230,000 pixels
White Balance :Auto • Daylight / Sunny (Preset) • Cloudy (Preset) • Fluorescent (Preset) • Tungsten (Preset) • Shade (Preset) • Flash (Preset) • Colour Temperature Adjust
Memory Type : CompactFlash Card Type I • Memory Stick Duo
Flash : Built-In •Auto Flash

Now this camera is Sony's entry in the big market of great cameras.All the buttons on the Camera are perfectly placed and viewing clicked photographs on the 2.5 inch LCD screen brings out a more of better Photographer.It also boosts with a image stabilization and an eye-start autofocus.Making a fun camera with a lot of features.

This a best buy of mid level cameras if you are really bored of those stereotyped other digital cameras with different brand names having same features with glitches all over.
This camera also comes with 1 Year Warranty and weighs just 595 gms.Now I suppose this is the best a Digital Camera can give you keeping in mind this is Sony's Entry level product and it wont let you down.For more Read here.


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