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For those dummies who haven't yet understood what does actually RSS and Feeds means.Here is a video to help you out.Its a knowledge-full video which gives you a very easy explaination of Really Simple Syndication(RSS)

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The Moon Contest Preseneted by Google.!

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Google Inc. has recently challenged a contest of 30 million U.S. dollars to the first private companies that can safely land robotic spacecrafts on the moon and get back 1 gigabytes of images and video footages of their expedition.

Soon after Google's launch of Google Earth it was speculated that Google is ready to reach the stars and now they have also reached moon by Google Moon.

Back to the contests
,whoever accomplishes the task by the end of 2012 will receive 20 million U.S. dollars. There is also a 10-million-dollar second-place prize to teams that go beyond the minimum requirements.

Why does Google love Space?First things first its cool!!And Space travels have surely made many technological breakthroughs as seen from the past decades.

Google aims to have some great research in the fields of computer science,rocket science,space travels and also to reveal the deep secret of the world beyond Earth.And surely Google's name is sure to climb some more steps of Glory for their splendid encouragement for such discoveries.

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Cheap International Calls!

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If you search for Cheap International Calls in Google, you get 73,600,000 number of results.Now filtering out from this vast search result is quite tideous and quite difficult.So making your search end here I introduce you with online calling card service provided by Pingo.

So why to choose Pingo , I had searched all over the internet to get the best online calling service but this service is the best atleast by the terms they provide.Unlike others they don't have any hidden charges and not extra tax or something like that.And it also promises the best prices worldwide.

Talking about rates, all the rates are perfectly managed by the website.They also provide us with an excellent Rate Calculator which helps to make it the best choice for Internet Calling Service and ends your search to get the cheapest available charges in online calling.

They also have various calling plans like The Pingo Business Plans and have some splendid plan for Mobile Users as they can save upto 90% on their International Calls.Hey its not all over yet you even get $15 for every customer you refer as their basic affiliate plan.

If you sign up for Pingo, you get $8 of free international calls.More off you can use coupon code "ppp3" and get a $3 discount on your calling card.Now isn't this really amazing?Moreover all this you get the best online calling service and best customer support if you need any help.

Pingo provides you a very good service and come on you can believe Pingo as it provides 1.1 billion International phone card minutes a month!!Now this number is a must believe isn't it?


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iPhone Prices slashed..!!

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Apple Inc. has slashed iPhone prices by a shocking $200.Yes! an eye popping price.The iPhones have been selling for $599 from the last few months and now it will be officially sold at$399.This is indeed a very shocking news for such hyped phone to slash prices soon after 2mothns of its launch date.
This sudden price drop has raised many questions regarding the ever hyped iPhone.The present customers had written a letter to Apple asking about these are some excerpts from his reply.

iPhone is so far ahead of the competition, and now it will be affordable by even more customers.

Our early customers trusted us, and we must live up to that trust with our actions in moments like these.

Steve Jobs also promised a $100 rebate for every iPhone customer to settle the matter out.This might even be his some secret strategy to make his iPod Touch a big hit.

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