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Ashop Shopping Cart , A good choice

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Ashop commerce is one of the best hosted shopping cart addressed to the need of merchants & ultimate customers, it has developed in php and tested throughly to provide complete solution for merchant to sell online. A recommendation by webmaster all over the world.

There are loads of features included, the best one is that it has a search engine component too that make this cart search engine friendly and makes it easy to the users for shopping with a sense of security. This e commerce software cart comes with lots of useful features, if you are going to start a new business or using any other shopping cart that has been outgrown you can have look into this shopping cart that will help you manage all of your concerns of your business need more efficiently and smoothly.

Ashop can be the best online store , its award winning, it’s affordable, easy to use, you can easily get found in major search engines ,What more do you expect. It is a complete order management and shopping cart system, which offers multiple methods of navigation and its features/functionalities look & feel prevail secured environment with 128 bit SSL checkout security, design services, full fraud alerts and web promotion services assuring that your customers feel secured during the order process.


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The World lives on

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Its been months there wasn't any post of mine and I know you all would really be eager to read what happened to me or so? Don't worry I was all fine just some personal issues, I wasn't able to blog for a while .

But here I am and I have a loads of stuff for you to read on. There been some tremendous news of Iphone and Apple getting all in the market. The gaming world has also very much developed. The hardware wars and what not more things have been happening since I was offline. No I am not going to report the things I missed back to you. I am just going to tell you somethings which other blogs don't tell you. While I was just wandering around the Internet for a while I found some good Fax service providers available on Internet which I was really excited to share with you all. All fax services I have seen were dull but some fax softwares were really helpful.

These fax services are not limited particularly but they even provide one service of fax to email which is the coolest option known. While reading all about these fax services I also stumbled upon various document management softwares and websites which not only help to read your documents with ease but also helps you manage them all.

I am back now and will post such more informative stuff soon. So just keep on reading or you might miss a few. My proficiency wouldn't be that good but will try to cope up again.

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Making Betting More Easy.

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If you are searching for some better website which can ease your betting here the end of your search.Now you don't have to register for different accounts to access your game.Just one registration and you are done.Bet365 provides a range of online betting services like online casino, Sportsbook betting facility, interactive games section and a dedicated online poker playing area.

Bet365 provides users with one account which can be managed for all betting purposes.May it be sports betting or it be the most famous online game online poker.Bet365 makes it easy for users to manage all the betting deals and it also provides a good and secure environment to make betting more easy and fun.

With all the amazing offers like ₤100 bonus chips when you register and use their online casino service.The present offer for online poker makes bet365 amongst the best online betting website.As you register for online poker you get $600 bonus and after you get 150% on your first transfer.Isn't this a deal to steal?

If you are a rookie and still a learner in online poker bet365 also gives you a tutorial to learn more about online poker in its very easy to read tutorial.

Besides all this Bet365 also provides loads of other games to play making this website a must visit.


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Gmail Labels Get Some Color

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Gmail is undoubtedly the best email service we have at present.The service never lets you down even with low speed net connections.Making more and more changes from the day it has been launched , Gmail has made me a very curious user for searching for updates and new services inside Gmail.

This time Gmail will make the labels a little colorful.Yes,now you can get out of the prehistoric era of monotone Gmail and make it a little evolved and lively for better view.The new labels would be more customizable and this will email checking and storing much more merrier and better than before.
So,just wait and watch for the changes.For more information visit:Official Gmail Blog: The next evolution of labels

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Caring Your Loved Ones.

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Bettercaring is a service completed dedicated for helping people lead a good life.This service is more about how much you care about yourself as well as how much you care for your loved ones.With bettercaring you can also yourself take some important decisions of your life so that you take proper steps in life and never regret for what you do.

This website also helps people to search homes from their vast database of care homes.The website also helps cope up questions related to health matters ,from a smallest little fever to a big disease,this website will provide you with solution with utmost care.
There are various discussions in which one can participate and help others too.The website also distributes £20 of M&S vouchers for the best comment.One can easily discuss topics with better caring with the help of letters, forums, etc.The website also discusses true stories and events in life of various people to make our life more simpler.

The website is very user friendly and is perfectly divided into various sections like, care discussion , care information and care search.The pages with multi colored separation makes it easy to access the website.



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2007-The year of cyber security breach.

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As the year comes to an end a hell lot of reports flash around cumulating facts of the passed year.For one of the interesting reports says that 2007 is known to be a year of cybercrimes.As stated by anti-virus Company F-secure, they added 250,000 new database entries this year which combines the addition of last 20 years.This gave the Internet an idea how smart and dangerous cyber criminals can be.

This new breed of hackers don't look for credit card number or passwords or such secure stuff, instead they are creating automated programs which are the same as the old ones just wrapped and refurbished for various purposes in a form of downloads via mail or important stuff.

In the report by F-secure they named a lot of malwares and Trojans and viruses... which affected the year 2007 harshly.Some of the interesting ones were:

Storm Worm-This particular worm began spreading with an e-mail message with subject lines based on actual news of "230 dead as storm batters Europe" ,this coined the worm name Storm. There were in fact dozens of real deaths related to European storms during that time.Further using these headlines its template proved to be a very clever bit of social engineering and was initially very successful. However, later it began to be a failure because of being too common.

But later in the mid of the year the geniuses updated their social engineering tactics.They now targeted U.S. — they used holidays such as Labor Day and later with such sensational news. One of their tricks was the promise of seeing "yourself" in a supposed YouTube video in a message pointing to a fake YouTube site.Now this is brilliant,isn't it?

Banking Trojans-Now as the years have passed hackers are always ready to get their hands in to the banking sections and create some really amendable phishing sites.But as all the banks are now taking precautionary measure to avoid customers getting trapped in the nets of phishing site,now Banking Trojans were created.They had simple functions like being a keylogger,taking videos ,form grabbing,screenshots of private data..

Trojan Password Stealers and online games-These trojans were specifically made to steal passwords of online game accounts whenever accessed.The motive is relatively straight forward ,get the accounts-access them-sell them to gamers at a good price.The trojan name was Trojan-PSW:W32/OnlineGames.

There were more such malwares which also affected the Apple security.These were some which were really interesting and really admirable mind can create such type of programs.For full report on The Cybercriminal Activities in year 2007 visit F-secure.

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