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Gmail Labels Get Some Color

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Gmail is undoubtedly the best email service we have at present.The service never lets you down even with low speed net connections.Making more and more changes from the day it has been launched , Gmail has made me a very curious user for searching for updates and new services inside Gmail.

This time Gmail will make the labels a little colorful.Yes,now you can get out of the prehistoric era of monotone Gmail and make it a little evolved and lively for better view.The new labels would be more customizable and this will email checking and storing much more merrier and better than before.
So,just wait and watch for the changes.For more information visit:Official Gmail Blog: The next evolution of labels

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Caring Your Loved Ones.

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Bettercaring is a service completed dedicated for helping people lead a good life.This service is more about how much you care about yourself as well as how much you care for your loved ones.With bettercaring you can also yourself take some important decisions of your life so that you take proper steps in life and never regret for what you do.

This website also helps people to search homes from their vast database of care homes.The website also helps cope up questions related to health matters ,from a smallest little fever to a big disease,this website will provide you with solution with utmost care.
There are various discussions in which one can participate and help others too.The website also distributes £20 of M&S vouchers for the best comment.One can easily discuss topics with better caring with the help of letters, forums, etc.The website also discusses true stories and events in life of various people to make our life more simpler.

The website is very user friendly and is perfectly divided into various sections like, care discussion , care information and care search.The pages with multi colored separation makes it easy to access the website.



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