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Now search more lively.

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Now if you really get annoyed getting really very long Google results then heres a very great substitute soon to be released.
Microsoft's Msn will soon launch Mylivesearch which will define your search a very differently.Making it more user friendly and more live to people to get their search result.

It promises to show us the 4/5 of the web that Google doesn’t index - this includes the grey web of dynamically created web pages as well as real time indexing of more traditional pages. Their sub tagline: “Searching the internet will never be the same!”

No demo or as such yet given.Hope to get some more soon.



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Best Online Dating Service !

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This free online dating service serves to be good enough for those who search for personals of specific category.This is not amongst ordinary free dating sites which gives you a platform just for registration but its really good.

The best part of this website is its 100% free ,no credit card required for this free online dating service.When I was surfing through this website I was shocked to see how easily they give a comparison chart of the other competitive websites which deal with the similar type of dating service.

Its a must register site for those people who are single and are really ready to mingle with a person of really great match.


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South Park and WoW!??

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Yea. this post is only for those who love watching South park and have always loved their pranky episodes.

If you liked the ‘Make Love, not Warcraft’ episode, here’s your chance to get addicted to WoW – buy the South Park Season ten box set, you’ll get a free 14-day trial of World of Warcraft.

It’s a pretty smart marketing move from Blizzard in my opinion, since they’ve already reached out to South Park fans via the show. This is their chance to cash in on the South Park fans that enjoyed the WoW episode by getting them hooked onto WoW – more fish for the endless Warcraft ocean, and more green stuff for Blizzard’s bank account!

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No Race War.Just Love Love and only Love.

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If you don't believe in Race Wars and believe in equality; then interacial romance is something you really support.

Interacial romance is a service which makes you meet thousands of Interracial singles online. Find friends and romance outside of your own culture and race and leave in peace.

Interracial online dating services are where all the colors of the world meet. Explore other lifestyles at services such as interacial romance. Just like other social networking site it also has various options to contact the person you want to know.But the main thing which makes it different from other social networking websites is that there are no fake profiles and stuff like that to make fool of you.

The website is cool because it offers Interracial profiles, and many great features to help Cupid help you find love online. And make it really happen.

Join in and feel free and browse through the profiles,view the photos, send messages or send a flirt.

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iPhone finally Unlocked.

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Finally the iPhone can be unlocked.How? Hackers in Europe have claimed to have unlocked iPhone by making use of a SIM card writer and reader and a blank SIM card and some more shit. And what they have is the iPhone making calls with full SMS capabilities on their home network.

The forum user is a pro for sure and has given a very great tutorial by which you can unlock your iPhone for sure..

This has been tested, and apparently a reader managed to unlock the phone successfully.
Well you can read it on the hackintosh Forum.

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Its Holiday Time Gear Up for Shopping.

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Shopping time is coming near.Get your PDA and create a Shopping list ,gifts list for your child,relatives,and don't forget your dear pets ....... I can see the immense joy you are feeling to get all ready and planned as the holiday time has come near.But wait have you got the coupons for the store you are gonna shop??

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Now you would be thinking for sure how do I get you discount coupons ??Easy,you can also get discount coupon codes on is so user friendly that you just click on the deal the rest is handled by the site itself ,now isn't that really amazing??

So be a wise buyer and visit to get discounts on your shopping parade so that you can save some money get some more stuff..

Happy Shopping!!


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