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Google to Go Eco-Friendly.

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Global warming,Dooms Day ,Final Earth Catastrophe ......are some words which really bring goosebumps to anyone when thought about it.

Sure enough we aren't trying out level best to beat it but Google is surely trying it by its own method.

Google is planning to go Eco-Friendly by the end of 2007.Google will run Carbon Neutral Servers by the end of 2007.

These are the three main steps to be taken for going Eco-Friendly:
- reduce energy consumption by maximizing efficiency;
- invest in and use renewable energy sources;
- purchase carbon offsets for the emissions that we can't reduce directly

To give instant heed to the case Google will run carbon offsets. Experiments are going on further to reduce the overall amount of greenhouse gases. When considering an offset project, Google will carefully examine the project's environmental integrity, its ability to be monitored and verified, and the impact that their investment will have in furthering that project's goals.In short Google will make sure the Carbon offsets will not make any loss to their shareholders and will act as a foolproof temporary solution.

For more on this visit Official Google Blog: Carbon neutrality by end of 2007



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