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10.545% CTR on PayPerPosts!!!

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According to recent survey made by PayPerPost, 10.545% is the average CTR on the sponsored posts.It was really amazing to see such low CTR on sponsored posts.

After accumulation of around 40k bloggers and 8k advertisers, people click on sponsored posts, on average they click through at a higher rate than any other media.Being a sponsored post people don't tend to click on the post.The average ctr post shows clearly the amount of Bloggers compared to the amount of Advertisers it was quite evident that such low CTR is really shocking.

It has been just few months writing sponsored posts and I am sure it hasn't and it doesn't change the value of the blog.Those who think Sponsored Posts are something only for money or thing it senseless to blog for money,then please change your point of view for the same.

I run Contextual ads on my blogs and watching just 10.454% on Posts which is Sponsored is quite amazing to watch.Now as the research is done and the verdict is out, the average CTR is 10.545%.

But still it completely depends upon the Blog Stats and the Blogger if compared.With that said, I don’t think you’d be hearing me complaining about sponsored posts in a while. So here's to PayPerPost and the 10.545% CTR!!


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