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2007-The year of cyber security breach.

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As the year comes to an end a hell lot of reports flash around cumulating facts of the passed year.For one of the interesting reports says that 2007 is known to be a year of cybercrimes.As stated by anti-virus Company F-secure, they added 250,000 new database entries this year which combines the addition of last 20 years.This gave the Internet an idea how smart and dangerous cyber criminals can be.

This new breed of hackers don't look for credit card number or passwords or such secure stuff, instead they are creating automated programs which are the same as the old ones just wrapped and refurbished for various purposes in a form of downloads via mail or important stuff.

In the report by F-secure they named a lot of malwares and Trojans and viruses... which affected the year 2007 harshly.Some of the interesting ones were:

Storm Worm-This particular worm began spreading with an e-mail message with subject lines based on actual news of "230 dead as storm batters Europe" ,this coined the worm name Storm. There were in fact dozens of real deaths related to European storms during that time.Further using these headlines its template proved to be a very clever bit of social engineering and was initially very successful. However, later it began to be a failure because of being too common.

But later in the mid of the year the geniuses updated their social engineering tactics.They now targeted U.S. — they used holidays such as Labor Day and later with such sensational news. One of their tricks was the promise of seeing "yourself" in a supposed YouTube video in a message pointing to a fake YouTube site.Now this is brilliant,isn't it?

Banking Trojans-Now as the years have passed hackers are always ready to get their hands in to the banking sections and create some really amendable phishing sites.But as all the banks are now taking precautionary measure to avoid customers getting trapped in the nets of phishing site,now Banking Trojans were created.They had simple functions like being a keylogger,taking videos ,form grabbing,screenshots of private data..

Trojan Password Stealers and online games-These trojans were specifically made to steal passwords of online game accounts whenever accessed.The motive is relatively straight forward ,get the accounts-access them-sell them to gamers at a good price.The trojan name was Trojan-PSW:W32/OnlineGames.

There were more such malwares which also affected the Apple security.These were some which were really interesting and really admirable mind can create such type of programs.For full report on The Cybercriminal Activities in year 2007 visit F-secure.

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Oh man your find is amazing

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