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Sony gives away Blu-Ray Discs for Free!!!

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According to a study by market tracking agency Nielsen VideoScan, Blu-ray movie sales have surpassed HD DVD movies sales in the USA because of Sony bundling some PlayStation 3 game machines with a movie and a voucher for another Blu-ray disc. Several hundred of thousands of Blu-ray movies were purchased for free during the PS3 launch. The war for DVD’s successor rages on: Blu-ray offers larger storage space for content while HD DVD drives and discs are easier and cheaper to produce.

The market research report claims that the numbers for the week ending January 7th demonstrate that for every 47.14 HD DVD movies sold, there are 100 Blu-ray movies sold but the actual reports claims that during the following week, ending January 14th, the amount of HD DVDs sold would be 38.36 for every 100 Blu-ray discs sold. This is not breathtaking news if one believes 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, a studio that exclusively supports Blu-ray format.



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