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Intel's demo of PRAM....fear for AMD

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Intel continues to prove their commitment to chip evolution with the new type of memoey.A possible replacement for flash memory, PRAM which is uses less power. PRAM will also last longer than flash and is less likely to become corrupted. Intel, along with Samsung, Hitachi has been working on such technology since 2000. On Tuesday, however, Intel held their first public demonstration at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing and plans to start shipping samples of the 128-bit chip.

Advancements like this might push Intel to newer heights. AMD posted a $611 millon dollar loss in the first quarter, more than twice what analysts were estimating. Much of this loss comes from the overwhelming success of Intel’s Core 2 Duo chips since their release last year. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for AMD’s rebuttal, since they have not released an entirely new chip architecture sine the Athlon 64 X2 in 2005. Their merger with ATI last October may lend a glimmer of hope in the AMD Fusion, a combination CPU and GPU.

If nothing else, Intel’s current market dominance shows how much the hardware wars can drive innovation. Without AMD’s competition, Intel could be tempted to sit back on its haunches and continue producing solid, but ultimately static type of chips. As long as both companies provide the catalyst, we’ll see an explosion of new technologies emerging into the consumer market.

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