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Windows key use

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This is a very simple hack …..but I noticed most of my friends didnt know about ALL the uses of the key….so are some i know …:)

1) Windows Key + E : Opens windows explorer…probably the most common windows key shortcuts ….widely used

2) Windows key + D : Takes you to your DESKTOP.

3) Windows key + F : Displays the Find Dialog Box

4) Windows key + M : Minimizes all open windows …[almost as win + D]
5) Windows key+Shift + M : Restores all the minimized windows back to where you were

6) Windows key + L : Locks your windows …takes you back to your startup screen in XP
7) Windows Key + R : Displays the run command dialog box

8) Windows Key +Pause/Break : Displays the Systems Properties dialog box.

9) Windows Key + F1 : Displays the help menu in windows

10) Windows Key + Tab : Cycle through the buttons on the Task Bar.

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